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Friday, September 01, 2006

Benefits of Global Investing 1969-2000

Investing abroad will enable you to to take advantage of broad diversification.

The world is in flux constantly and investing internationally is essential to having a well diversified investment portfolio. Examine this: Take the period of 1969-2000 and invest $1,000 in a global, U.S., European and Pacific based portfolios. Which performs best?

The global one outstrips the others with a result of $46,849 at a 13.2% average clip. The U.S. and European portfolios are not terribly far behind, but when you consider the benefit of lower risk in a global portfoliothe benefits are even more important. pacific stocks lagged with a $32,505 result, but in the future those stocks might perform best. You never one where will be the leader so by covering all your bases you will be best positioned to take advantage of this.


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