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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Long-Term Investment Strategy

A bull stock market makes it easy to stay on course with your long-term investment goals; the challenge is to do this during bear markets. It can be tough, but when that bull market comes if you are well-diversified there is nothing you should do but stay the course.

If you examine performance during a a recessionary period of 1971-1974 you can see that stocks went down about 25%; if you had a 50/50 stock and bond portfolio you lost around 9% and if you had all bonds you were up around 10%. On the other hand, looking at a long period of time (1974-2000) the opposite becomes true. $1,000 would be worth over $48,000 if invested in stocks; about $25,000 in a 50/50 bond and stock portfolio and about $11,000 for an all bond portfolio.

So you might be at a loss in the short run, but if you can stay with your plan of diversification through the bad times you will win out in the end.


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