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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Global Stock Market Returns

We will examine the historical range of 1970-2000 to see how global markets performed and the risk that went along with these results.

The US averaged a 12.9% return during these years with a peak of 37.4% and trough of -26.5. Now the general international market returned 12.2% with a 69.9% peak and -23.2% trough. Then Europe averaged a 13% gain and had a high of 79.8% and a low of -22.8%. Finally, the Pacific had an 11.9% average with a peak of 107.5% and a low of -34.3%.

This looks like the Pacific had the highest volitility while providing the highest one-year gain. Now Europe had an excellent average return, but the volitility is high as well. The U.S. had a great average with the least amount of volitility. Combining all these classes will lower the overall volitility and allows you to experience big gains.


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