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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stock Market Status

The stock market had a very tough week. Many insiders and outsiders fear the worse: a recessionary stock market. Many believe this is being brought on by the Federal Reserve Chariman, Ben Bernanke. Recently whenever Bernanke has spoken publicly about the United States' economy the stock market has dipped or dived because his remarks tend to be on the side of increasing interest rates to halt inflation. Most experts disagree with this strategy and believe that if "The Fed" does raise interest rates the U.S. economy will have a hard landing and cause the stock market to go down further.

Now nothing has happened yet and a lot of financial and market information will be announced next week. So brace yourself and stay diversified. If you like to speculate and believe the market will dip further then invest in companies that people will use no matter what state the economy is in (groceries, drug stores, etc.).


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