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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Saving Money to Buy a Home

If you are considering buying a home or you are currently in the market for one it is important to have money to put down as a down payment. While the fad today is to not put down 20% as a down payment for a home, this is not recommended (we will explore this topic in a future post).

Whatever amount you have saved up to put as a down payment you NEED to protect.
  • Do not invest money for a home in the stock market
  • Only keep your money in a safe account with guaranteed interest
    • is one example of an account that brings in 4% interest
You plan on purchasing a home with your $25,000 in savings as a down payment. Your $25,000 is in stocks, mutual funds, options or whatever investment that contains risk there is a large probability that these investments could decrease. Look at 9/11, the market downturn in March of 2000, and several other examples. Your $25,000 could become $15,000 very quickly.

Rule of thumb: If you plan to buy a home within 5 years do not invest that money in investments that contain risk.


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