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Thursday, May 04, 2006

401k Tips When Switching Jobs

There are a few options of what to do with your 401k when leaving a job.

1. Roll-over your 401k into an IRA
  • If you want to consolidate accounts and possibly save money on fees
  • It must be rolled over into an IRA (not Roth--but later can be converted to Roth is your adjusted gross income is less than $100,000)
2. Remain with the 401k at your work
  • If your old employer has a good 401k plan with good, low-cost investment choices
  • If your new employer does not have a 401k plan or has a worse plan than the job you are leaving
  • Confirm that you still have the same 401k previledges as when you were employed with your old employer
    • If the value of your 401k is under $5,000 you can be taken out of the 401k--if so then follow option 1 or 3
3. Roll-over to my new employer's 401k
  • If your new employer has a great 401k plan with good services
    • You will probably pay less in fees with this 401k than rolling it an IRA


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