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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mad Money

Jim Cramer's CNBC show, Mad Money, is a great source of information if you have extra money and you like to speculate a little. If you are interested in this he is about as knowledgeable of an investor as you will find.

Start with watching a little of Cramer and learn the ropes from him. He has some important DOs and DON'Ts. Then if your whistle is whetted and you want to pursue this type of investing, he recommends, and I will second, subscribing to Investor's Business Daily. This is not free information at IBD, but it is respected and good. This is one tool Jim Cramer uses to make Mad Money and if you are serious this is something you will need. The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal are reputable sources of information as well, but IBD is the best.

In Mad Money investing, information is king and converting that information into actionable intelliegence is essential to making that Mad Money.

If you are a neophyte I would not recommend jumping into the deep end of the pool yet. Learn the basics first and then when you feel more comfortable and have some excess cash that you can afford to lose--go for it!


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